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Paul Mathis


I do creative, outside

the box thinking…

When I was pacing up

and down at home one day,

trying to come up with

a novel bar design…

I stood on my then 5 year old

son’s Lego blocks… eureka!

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Read my story

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Photo taken in 2012 in BangPop

A Modern Thai Restaurant

Southwharf Promenade Melb.

A little about myself …

I entered the world of hospitality in 1984, and yes, by then, I’d already read George Orwell!

This period of my career saw me create - from scratch - some pretty popular and loved venues.

I am also an experienced designer, with work produced and sold in the homewares sector.

I have also created furniture design, and interior designed many of my venues.

These days I do what I love best, helping individuals and companies to grow

I do this by consulting in a wide range of areas both operationally and aesthetically.

Just a snippet of my hospitality venues

Photo taken in 2020

Chocolate Buddha



Firechief Pizzeria

Transport Hotel

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Some facts about me,

& about my journey

”Occasionally we need our third eye to guide us through what our 2 eyes can’t see ” - Paul Mathis

By 2013 I had gone from one success to another

I had already been building businesses since 1984

And after my very successful Federation Square years, the media

began to regularly describe me as ”The Man with the Midas touch”

And it was about then, that I began to believe it too

Maybe they’re right? Maybe I am infallible?

It was also about the same time that the wheels started to fall off

I was ignoring advice, especially about businesses that bled losses,

I held onto them for way longer than I should have,

I thought I could fix them, I couldn’t, I was burnt out

Until ultimately, I paid the price, and I lost almost everything

That earlier, over enthusiastic & fearless Paul, needed to learn the hard way

That was 10 years ago - Fast forward to today

Nowadays I’ve learned how to anticipate problems, and then deal with them, in a much simpler way I learned to jump on them quickly, resolve them early

And I’ve begun to take advice once again, even if I don’t agree with it

Despite this new perspective, I am still Paul, and I am still a risk taker

I’m sure I‘d die of boredom if life didn’t offer risks or challenges

Finally, I leave you with this quote…

it is easily one of my favourites, and I try to remember it when I’m in

a corner, or when I need to close out a set in tennis!

“Fortune Favours The Brave” - Roman Playwright, Terentius

3 Examples of my Work

These are the 3 areas I can work with you

Whether that be a start-up or an existing business

Hospitality, Consultancy and Product Design

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Transport Hotel

Taxi_Dining Room,

Transit Lounge

A Super modern Pub in the heart of Melbourne - This venue spawned a chic restaurant which was awarded the prestigious Restaurant of the Year 2006

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Delivino Concept

Consultancy Job

For Accolade Wines

Rebuilding Brands, Creating New Concepts Such as this for 3rd party Customers

And General Hospitality Consultancy

Gradient that fades to transparency

Products such as

SPLID a spoon with a Lid

Self contained spooning and container product that had never before existed - designed developed and bought to market

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I do


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These points expand further down

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Nurture Today,

Grow Stronger Tomorrow

If I can contribute to fixing a problem, adding value in some way, directing you to a better supply chain, making a design change that yields positive feedback, or help to identify a problems before it gets worse

Then I would have been worth it

A second set of eyes, a “friendly“ or however you want to call it, there’s no substitute for giving things that are important… like our livelihood - it’s due diligence

Prices & service

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Price & Service

Prices are based on providing a written and diagrammed presentation for you to keep

Both in Soft and gloss papered Hard Copy

This is essentially the results, outcomes and recommendations of the consultation

And it is consistent for any type of business

or concept I am engaged to consult to

Cost Per Half Day 3 - 4 hours $450 Flat Rate

Cost Per Full Day 7 - 8 hours $800 Flat Rate

Bowl of White Rice

“Money isn’t everything,

but everything needs money,

even for a bowl of rice”

- Paul Mathis

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Let’s have

a coffee,

or a tea,

or, we can chat on the


Autism Rainbow Loop

” I’m not going into infinity’

I’m going into low earth orbit”

-Helen Sharman

e: paul@paulmathis.com.au

Image created using Mid Journey AI

m: 0428 145 145

Paul Mathis


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in no specific order

Paul Mathis


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Paul Mathis


Kitchen Consultation

A good kitchen team is a vital part of any hospitality venue.

I have variously been a chef in my own venues. This experience along with my significant number of owned venues, has provided me with the experience to hire the right team and then work closely with them to get the results.

I have not always struck gold with my choices, especially with chefs - But as is my life story - hiring the wrong people gave me the experience of what to look for next time.

The food quality and kitchen efficacy can be a make or break situation on any hospitality business.

I believe there is some real sense in getting a second opinion, or devising a plan to improve or elevate the customer and owner experience by improving food and service even if the food you serve is good

Food is one of those areas that can always be improved or renewed, but what really damages a business is complacency.

The quality of your kitchen team can make up at least 50% of the success of your venue - some might argue - even more!

I can meet your team, or watch from afar by trying the food or service and report my findings to you privately and confidentially

Chef training/teaching assistant to prepare food in commercial restaurant kitchen
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Paul Mathis


Menu Development

A menu in a restaurant, cafe, pub or any kind of hospitality venue is a reflection of where that venue positions itself in the market - Just as a premium car dealer needs a fine showroom, and glossy brochures, so too do you need to be correctly presented, correctly priced, correctly positioned with the right food and beverage list. Every aspect of your business should line up with with your offer.

So what are you selling? Are you on the money with prices? Too cheap? Too cheap isn’t good.

Too expensive? Probably worse!

Are you doing current or trend setting food?

Or has your menu changed in a while?

And what customer numbers? Have they remained steady? Growing? Or have they started to dwindle from the best times?

Let’s do a free 15 minute chat, and see if I can help.

Even with your bar menu and wine list.

People respond well to a great wine list

almost as much as they do to a great menu

Photo of coffee and tea menu
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Paul Mathis


Concept & Direction

The single most important thing to get right from the start when creating a new business is to determine if there’s a market for your offer.

If your offer is new even then it may not be enough. Being new, as i found out many times the hard way, isn’t always best. What is way way way better is if there’s demand for what you offer.

But as I stumbled through life I often asked myslef, how can demand be there for something that hasn’t been done? And since I am the one who will do this new thing, then perhaps I will be the one who starts the cycle of demand - A fair assessment - but risky - as I found out

So, what to do? This may be the most difficult thing to answer because if I knew I would be doing it right now and so would you - we need to take occasional risks in business - business is speculating on outcomes

If you do not try you will never know, but try with the best chance of success. Speak to many people, get lots of opinions

And finally take advice from professionals like me who’ve been around.

Someone like me, who isn’t your best friend or family (who do not want to hurt your feelings) I will give you the cold hard truth about your business or your idea. I may be wrong I may be right, but what is certain is I want to be accurate - I want you to succeed and I want my reputation as a consultant to grow by being good at it. In turn my thoughts will only help you to decide. You would have done your due diligence, better.

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Paul Mathis


Staff & Venue Evaluation

(Mystery Diner Service)

Well trained and conscientious staff will give your business the best chance for success and make your life so much easier day to day.

It is amazing how simple it is to train staff, yet how easily it is missed.

I can train staff in key objectives which we can cover in a meeting.

Another more impactful service is I come in for lunch or dinner

This is probably the best way to learn about your venue and see what your customers are seeing from an experienced yet impartial observer

Someone who can closely asses the food, the menu, the drinks list, the venue itself, and of course the staff and service. Of course this visit is just a snap of one moment in time - but often that’s all it takes to get a clear impression of what it might be like all the time.

The process begins at the website, then a phone call to book a

table (for 1 or 2) depending on which option you choose.

The food is my cost, my expense, no need to reimburse me.

The resulting experience is then tabled in a document along with the advice I give and what I recommend might be needed if any.

COST: $450 for me alone

COST: $550 with a companion

(companion opinion contributes to the assessment)

sushi restaurant
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Paul Mathis


Interior Design Consult

The interior of your venue is your face to world

If your interior is amazing, chances are the business is good too

This is of course not a given, but most likely, especially if you have invested in a good design outcome, with an interior designer or architect

Hopsitality is a trend driven industry and what is popular today is not

so cool a few short years later. Can we see if there’s something we can do?

Would you like to ensure the interior design of your venue stands the test of time ? If you are not sure or feel you may be thinking of a revamp. I have contacts in the building industry as well as ideas of how to make small changes with big impact here in this module too

Brand & Logo Consult

In the my website, I tabled my skill sets into 3 main areas, Hospitality,Consultancy and Product Design. This was for good reason.

At my core I believe I am a pretty decent designer. I have either designed some of my original interiors, or created the brands or logos from scratch. 2 of interiors were twice shortlisted for design awards.

This is because I love design and LOVE seeing them come to life!

Let’s also look at your logo/branding. This is design too and another area I absolutely love and for the same reasons. Let me chat to you about Branding & Logo and see if it is communicating to your audience too

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Paul Mathis


Costs & Overheads

When all is said and done if your costs or overheads exceed your

income by any percentage more than zero, you are likely losing money.

I have had plenty of businesses that lost money. Sometimes we operate at a loss knowing, or hoping, we will soon break into profit.

However during a period of losses you are TRADING WHILE INSOLVENT - this is a thing and it is an offence in the eyes of the law. I know first hand

In my case, as I opened new business often, they routinely needed time to bed in, and most of the time they did reasonably quickly. If you have been in a situation like me with multiple venues this is not uncommon.

It happens and it happens to everyone at least once. Is this you?

Can I help? I have plenty of experiences here too.

Lease Advice

If you happen to have started 35 new ventures as I did, you may

know how much you have learned about commercial law

Signing a lease is a serious undertaking and can never be taken lightly.

I once signed a lease for building in Williamstown, but later I couldn’t proceed (with that lease) The landlord sued me and won. The cost was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. So I can definitely give some advice - mostly anecdotal but still good solid experienced based advice

Hand holding money - Australian dollar (AUD) bills
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Paul Mathis


Atmosphere & Ambience

Atmosphere and ambience have been covered in previous modules here.

But, what hasn’t been covered is how my services can be utilised in a very particular way to improve the thing called atmosphere or ambience.

Background noises like roaring kitchen exhausts, unregulated heating or

cooling, and of course loud obtrusive music played more for staff entertainment at the expense of customers is just one way how ambience affects your venue

Boomy rooms with horrible acoustics give customers a headache!

Lighting, so harsh or misdirected that my bald spots look worse than my dinner dates heavy makeup or both our regrowth grey hairs!

I’m a stickler on “Bad atmospheric conditions” people do not enjoy themselves and often can’t put their finger on what they didn’t like even if the food was ok.

Let me help, let me go over this with you - we may find an easy fix

Website & Social Media

I built this website myself using Canva. I loaded it and I upkeep it.

For my product SPLID, I built an ecommerce site on shopify which is still operating today. I also did all the social media for SPLID

But this is NOT a strength but rather something I can do.

If you need this kind of service I can certainly help out, to the point of getting you up and running. But if your organisation is more sizeable I can refer you to contacts in dedicated Web Design and Social Media disciplines

Tall tree

Attention Hospitality folks!

Work with me & Accolade Wines!

My work includes consulting to great organisations like

Accolade Wines

Currently you can take advantage of a wonderful


Get me for 1 full day (valued at $800)

For zero

So what’s the catch?

Accolade are on a new customer drive

Just select 3 of an amazing portfolio of wines

And they have some amazing wines!

You’ll need to pour any 2 of those 3 wines too

That is it. You can’t go too wrong

I can look at any part of your business as you can see

by my experience


Paul Mathis